About Us

Welcome to Anchored by Grace Boutique!!!  My name is Samantha and I have been a cosmetologist for 28 years.  Over the years, my passion has expanded into fashion also.  My favorite thing about being behind the chair has always been to help women feel better about themselves without changing who they are inside! 

As an entrepreneur by heart, what better way to continue what I love than to add fashion into the mix. I want women to feel beautiful, confident, and empowered not matter their background or age!!  My favorite part of the boutique is working with customers to help them put together fun & trendy pieces that they would never have thought of while still being who they are.

I started Anchored by Grace Boutique just online back in 2016 when my twin boys were just 6 years old, so I could work behind the chair part time and still be home with them.  In 2017, I had the opportunity to put a small store in the salon that I worked at in Lawrence, KS.  Fast forward to 2023, that small space has more than doubled and we have added 2 more locations in the Kansas City area. 

I want to THANK YOU all for supporting my little dream, I am forever grateful!!  I also want to thank my loving and supportive family who have been there working hard and cheering me along the way!!  

Just remember that you can have it all, why not look like an amazing fashionista while creating your future!!!!